We Accidentally Fed Hitler Chicken Biscuits in Fiasco

Fiasco is a story-telling RPG system for three to five people -- and one of the major benefits to Fiasco is that you can, essentially, do anything you want with it. There are hundreds of player-made kits for different settings, and each of these settings come with pre-made builds. As a story-telling role-playing system, everyone involved is able to craft their own characters and attain narrative control. But that also means that, of course, it can go completely off the rails.

The Best Board Games and Card Games for Thanksgiving Gatherings

As Thanksgiving nears, everyone starts asking the same question: once the food is done, how are you going to tolerate your family? Sure, you could dust off your old copy of Cards Against Humanity, but you already explained what bukkake means to your aunt last year. Luckily, there are a lot of other games that are fun and easy to play -- even for casual gamers.

Settlers of Catan Movie in the Works at Sony

Settlers of Catan was initially shopped as a movie idea in 2015 and it seems as though we've gone full circle again. It's not as crazy as it sounds: the Lego Movie film makers Jonathan Elrich and Dan Lin are also reported to be involved, and everyone knows of the absurdity that was Battleship, the movie inspired by, well, Battleship. 

Launching an Indie Game on Kickstarter

Kickstarter is becoming a difficult place for indie games -- both in terms of purchasing them and launching them. It's a weird, uneven market; many people are forsaking Kickstarter's model entirely, while others are using Kickstarter exclusively. Ultimately, Kickstarter's value isn't in its platform, but rather the marketing efforts of those behind a product. Too many consumers have been burned by mindlessly consuming games, and unless a game has a lot of hype it's not likely to breach interest.