Alphas - A Superhero Miniatures Game

Does anyone else remember Alphas? A show about normal people trying to cope with their superhero powers, it ended with one of the worst cliffhangers possible -- wait, no, that was Heroes.

No, The 4,400? 

Before I bring up The Lost Room, let's discuss Alphas, a superhero miniatures game that has nothing to do with Alphas the show. It does, however, have "graphic novels, a progressive story, objective skirmishes, and highly detailed miniatures," and it's presented by the makers of Tabula Rasa.

What is Alphas - A Superhero Miniatures Game?

At $90, this is a big box game, in which players can either play through with a single team on story mode, or play against each other. The game plays 2 to 4 players, takes about 90 minutes, and is suitable for ages 9+. And the game looks adorable, with a brightly colored, 3D setting, and (as noted) "highly detailed" miniatures. 

For $90, players get a double-sided, 3 foot by 3 foot game board (yes, 3 foot by 3 foot), 8 bystanders, thugs, and plot marker miniatures, 25 alpha miniatures, 20 alpha cards, 21 activation cards, and a whole variety of this, tokens, terrain, and objective cards. Buildings are assembled on the game board to create 3D terrain, through which players fight and conquer. 

With optional scenery sets and a variety of stretch goals, Alphas looks like it could become a major money sink. It also looks incredibly fun for anyone looking for a new minatures game. 

Is Alphas - A Superhero Miniatures Game Going to Fund?

Oh definitely, yes. It already has $18,139 pledged of its $22,500 goal, which means it will probably fund within the next few days. Estimated delivery of the game is March 2019.

Tabula Rasa is a low risk game, being published by a known team and nearly funded. It even comes with a Kickstarter Exclusive: the Kid Tiger character card, activation card, and miniature. 

Funding Date: 
Thursday, March 15, 2018