Da Share Z0ne: THE DEVIL'S LEVEL Card Game

Achieve the ultimate state of chill in Da Share Z0ne. It looks like a trainwreck, but funds like a dream: Da Share Z0ne is a collaboration including Internet personalities such as dril and KC Green. Da Share Z0ne's Kickstarter page looks like a joke, and it is a joke, but on everyone, ranging from those who fund it to those who dismiss it. And hey, at $27, it's pretty low risk.

What's in the Da Share Z0ne Box?

Some cards? Thanks to a stretch goal, there will be a total of 136 cards rather than 132 cards -- definitely a fantastic savings. The box itself will be embossed with foil, which, we trust, is important. And there's an additional three expansions offered with 36 cards a piece to change the gameplay from a chaotic mess to a different chaotic mess.

How Does It Play?

Oh, god. So, in Da Share Z0ne, the meme-like cards are intended to adjust the following levels: "depresion," horniness, and genious. You, of course, want these levels to equal "6 6 6" so you can reach the ultimate state of being cool and chill. At the same time, action cards let you manage your deck, interfere with the hands of the other players, and so forth. 

Should You Back It?

Are you a fan of nonsense? It's already fully funded at nearly $100,000 of its $20,000 goal, and to be honest, there's absolutely no telling what you're actually going to get. It appears to be a collection of meme-based cards that do things, but whether there's any sort of cohesion or balance is literally anyone's guess.

The game plays from two players to "probably" eight. The Kickstarter page helpfully notes that you can take the cards out of the box so you can use the box to store your weed. 

Funding Date: 
Sunday, January 21, 2018