DinoGenics: Dinosaur Park Management

In August the first DinoGenics Kickstarter project was pulled from Kickstarter. At $19,000 pledged by 266 backers of a $43,000 goal, DinoGenics was not likely to fully fund. A worker placement game about managing a Jurassic Park style park, it was selling for $65 -- a reasonable price point for a fairly large box game. But the campaign itself didn't appear to be on track to finish -- one issue being that it started with 3 to 5 players. 

The October 4th launch has been a different story. Relaunched with a fully remade campaign, DinoGenics now has $96,000 pledged of a $30,000 goal. With 66 hours to go and 1,800+ backers, this campaign is a fully funded success. It's also an interesting lesson for other indie game developers, as a majority of the work that was done appears to be on the social media and marketing side. Indeed, the game itself appears to be an identical product.


DinoGenics is a worker placement game where players compete to build the most successful and profitable dinosaur park. Each player takes on the role of a multi-billion dollar corporation, each with access to their private island park. Over the course of seven seasons, players will send workers to the nearby mainland to collect resources such as DNA, fences and other necessities needed to run a successful park.  

The original campaign was priced at $65 with $14 US shipping. The price point has been dropped to $54 with $12 US shipping. Dropping the price seems to have made considerable impact. 

Onto the game. In the game, players compete to create the most attractive parks. At the same time, they need to manage their dinosaur talent; if they are neglected or unsecured, they'll wreak havoc. The game takes place over a total of seven seasons, over which designers will build pens, purchase dinosaurs, and build to gain victory points. 

Game Details

  • 12+ age.
  • 1 to 5 players.
  • 1 to 2 hours.

Risk Factors

DinoGenics is definitely funding at this stage, and looks like an interesting, engaging, and actually quite complex management-style game. The full rule book is available through the Kickstarter page, so players can decide whether the game appears to be appealing to them. it does look a little rough around the edges, not in terms of the book itself (which is a first draft) but in gameplay. It also is the first project launched by this company.


Funding Date: 
Thursday, November 2, 2017