Gobblin' Goblins: The 'Orrible Eat-a-Thon Card Game

Gobblin' Goblins is a light, family-friendly game with an expansive range of 2 to 12 players. It's self-described as being "light, strategic, family friendly, gross." It's essentially a '"take this" game, in which players try their best to collect sets to eat as they build their deck. Players play cards, then pick up cards, and try their best to eat the things that their particular goblin character likes. From the manufacturer:

Gobblin’ Goblins is a 2-12 player card game where you must defeat your opponents by being the greediest goblin in a sneaky battle for gross gourmet food. If you like a bit of strategy, a bit of gross and a bit of a chuckle you’ll be all over this like a goblin over a hot bucket of slime.  

With cute, fun art, Gobblin' Goblins is likely to be a good party game for kids -- and a good game for those who enjoy that kind of card dynamic. However, we have to rate Gobblin' Goblins as a moderate risk as of now, for the following reasons:

  • A completely new company. Gobblin' Goblins has been created by a designer and illustrator pair, who have created an extremely attractive game -- but it's the only game they've made. This could present problems even if the game gets overfunded.
  • Pricing is quite low. £20 for two copies of a game with only £7 in shipping is extremely low for an International Kickstarter purchase, especially one seeking only $7,225 in funding. This is mitigated by the fact that they appear to be dealing with Panda GM and Gamesquest.
  • Mechanics are old. There are hundreds of games that are extremely similar to this one; this one is being sold essentially on the merits of its art. While the art is charming, it's up to backers to determine whether it's worth the game itself. 

Gobblin' Goblins is currently on Kickstarter with $1,692 of its $7,225 goal. It does appear to be a cute game for kids -- with some dark, British humor -- and the full instructions to the game are available on their Kickstarter page, so you can take a look to see if it might appeal to you. As a casual "take this" game, it's likely a fast game to pick up, though we suspect that it may drag for large groups. 

Funding Date: 
Sunday, November 26, 2017